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Welcome Thank you for visiting the official website for Geoff Diehl, State Representative of the 7th Plymouth District
"Real reform has to begin with making decisions based on what is best for our towns and the people that make them great. Let's work together to bring back responsibility and accountability to the legislature."
Geoff Diehl
Please take some time to look around and learn about Geoff and about the great things happening in the towns of Abington, East Bridgewater and Whitman!

State House - Room 167
Boston, MA 02133
Seventh Plymouth - Massachusetts
Latest News
February 11, 2015 - STOP Legislative Payraises
Massachusetts is facing a budget deficit of $765 million. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO GIVE LEGISLATORS A PAY RAISE, when the average household has not seen an income increase in over half a decade. Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-Legislative-Payraises/397928043708686 and "Like" the page to learn more and send a message to Beacon Hill!
January 16, 2015 - Diehl Proven Correct on Road Funds, Baker Releases $100 Million in Road Repair Funding Held Hostage by Patrick
Whitman, MA …Today State Representative Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman) praised Governor Charlie Baker for releasing the $100 million in chapter 90 funding for road and bridge repair.
December 30, 2014 - "State income tax cut kicks in Thursday," by Gerry Tuoti
While the $19 taxpayers will save might seem insignificant now, Rep. Geoff Diehl, R-Whitman, said that ballot questions, like the one reducing the income tax or the one that voters passed this November to undo a law tying the gas tax to inflation, will add up for taxpayers. “It is a cumulative effect of keeping more dollars in the household budget,” said Diehl. He added that the fact that the income tax was going down was also a sign of Massachusetts’ improving economy. “What I think is good is that we are clearly showing the state is bringing in the revenue we need,” Diehl said. While Diehl acknowledged the deficit that is looming in front of the Legislature, he characterized it as a “spending problem,” adding that he thought the Legislature would be able to get the deficit under control.

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