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Meet Geoff

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Geoff Diehl is a former four-term State Representative who earned a solid reputation as a trusted guardian of Massachusetts taxpayers and a dependable advocate for conservative values. His wide popularity with the grassroots of the party led him to become the Republican party’s nominee for Massachusetts Governor in 2022 and United States Senator in 2018.


In 2010, after years establishing myself as a business owner and volunteer in our town of Whitman, I decided to run as a Republican for State Representative. I worked hard, and I won. On January 5, 2011, I was honored to be sworn in as a member of the 187th General Court of Massachusetts, serving the people of the 7th Plymouth District (Abington, East Bridgewater and Whitman).


As a State Representative, I led the fight for more transparency and accountability at the State House. I worked to increase jobs and send more local aid to cities and towns. I was also a champion of Massachusetts taxpayers and took bold action to protect them from tax hikes.


My efforts to protect taxpayers took on new meaning in 2014. The Legislature had voted to link the Massachusetts gas tax to inflation so that the gas tax would increase automatically every future year. I was appalled. I decided to step forward to lead a grassroots effort for a ballot question campaign to repeal the tax hike. Our group collected 146,000 signatures in favor of the ballot question, and despite special interest groups outspending our team 31 to 1, we won. As a result, we have saved Massachusetts taxpayers from over $2 billion of gas tax increases since then. We were so successful that I was recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) for Campaign Excellence for having the best ballot campaign of the year in 2015.


I appreciated the power of what we, as citizens, were able to accomplish as part of the gas tax repeal campaign. In 2018, I decided our party needed someone to stand up and take on Elizabeth Warren in the race for United States Senate. I campaigned hard and eventually won a contested primary to be our party’s nominee. Even though our efforts did not ultimately prove successful, I learned a lot and gained valuable experience working with Republican activists on the statewide level. This led me to announce a campaign for Governor of Massachusetts in 2022. Again, I won a hotly-contested primary by a two-to-one margin, and became our party’s nominee. I campaigned hard on a platform that opposed tax hikes and illegal immigration, and that argued in favor of policies to make Massachusetts a safer and more affordable place to live and raise a family. Ultimately, we lost a hard-fought race to a


I returned to the private sector, joining 1A Auto out of Pepperell MA, where I now serve as Director of Legislative Affairs and Government Relations. I’ve enjoyed that work, where once again I’ve worked hard to help our company successfully create partnerships with some of the top online retailers in the industry. In the process, I’ve contributed personally to the growth of our company and the creation of additional jobs here in our state.


To this day, KathyJo and I remain involved with many local organizations. I’m a member of the Abington Lions Club, and I’ve served in the past on the East Bridgewater Business Association, the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and the BSA Old Colony Council. KathyJo is Director of Whitman Youth Cheerleading, she has been a member of the Whitman Cultural Council and she supports Hanson’s Little League and D.A.R.E. program. We also both serve as elected members of the State Committee for the Massachusetts Republican Party.


I remain an active voice in Massachusetts Republican politics. I am also a frequent guest on Newmax television and other media outlets where I offer commentary about important state and federal political issues from a conservative perspective.

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